Video preview files

Good evening, I wanted to know how to see the video previews of my files, at the moment I only see a static image that represents the video thanks.

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What DE and file manager are you using?

Plasma KDE vlc

I tried several video readers and use KDE plasma but I only see the video icon on all files and I would like to see the previews you know the system to be able to view them thanks, sorry if I do questions but I prefer so that going to search the internet and risk to fit the system.

Be sure you have the package ffmpegthumbs installed.

Then select the “Video Files” preview at Configure Dolphin:


I installed that name but it does not appear in the video sliding window, all the others yes but video no maybe I was wrong to install that package you can write the exact procedure thanks

After installing ffmpegthumbs, if you already had Dolphin open, close it and open a new instance. Then you should have the option to view video thumbnail previews.

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which means closing and reopening it, I find it on favorites