Video encoding for experienced users

Just rediscovered this video converter. It supports tons of features and allows you to really influence the result of the encoding. It’s not suited for people, who don’t have at least average knowledge of video encoding, formats, containers and parameters. But for people who know what they are doing, it is, in my opinion, the most powerful tool for Linux out there. It supports DVD and Bluray structure and a ton of input formats. In contrast to other tools (e.g. handbrake) it still supports output to a fixed filesize.
To give you and idea, here is the list of (optional) dependencies, so you can see, which features can be added :

Optionale Abhängigkeiten : aften: support for AC-3 audio encoding 
                           bdsup2subpp-git: support for subtitle converison for image based stream formats 
                           dcaenc: support for DTS audio encoding 
                           delaycut: AC-3, DTS, MPA and WAV audio delay and cutting support 
                           divx265: support for H.265 video encoding 
                           fdkaac: support for AAC audio encoding 
                           flac: support for lossless FLAC audio encoding 
                           gpac: support for MP4 container muxing 
                           kvazaar: support for H.265 video encoding 
                           libvpx: support fot VP8 video encoding 
                           lsdvd: support for listing the content of DVD disks 
                           mediainfo: support for technical and tag information about a video or audio file 
                           mencoder: support for video and audio encoding 
                           mkvtoolnix-cli: support for MKV container muxing 
                           mp4fpsmod: support for MP4 time code modification 
                           mplayer: support for video preview 
                           neroaacenc: support for NERO AAC audio encoding 
                           opus-tools: support for Opus audio encoding 
                           sox: support for processing of audio files 
                           telxcc-git: support for closed caption extraction from TS files
                           tsmuxer: support for TS container 
                           vapoursynth: A video processing framework with the future in mind 
                           x264: support for H.264 video encoding 
                           x265: support for H.265 video encoding 

It can easily be installed from AUR using

yay -S hybrid-encoder

It is for sure not a 1 click solution but worth checking out.

I use ffmpeg for simple video conversion.

Didn’t know it can do screen cast with video and audio, maybe no need for obs studio for me anymore.

A closed source GUI tool which seems to make use of a ton of OSS.

I have no problem using proprietary/closed source tools, as long as they accomplish, what they are supposed to do. I haven’t found an alternative, which is comparably powerful and open source. At least it is free, like in free beer. Things would be different, if it was the case like with a Chinese company distributing a video encoding suite, which makes tons of money using mainly, if not even exclusively, open source software.
But maybe I interpreted an accusation, which you didn’t want to express.

All good. I misread.