Video editor like iMovie?

I use Avidemux for simple cuts-only editing. If I need more complex editing I currently have Flowblade installed. I have had problems with Flowblade working on Arch so I use the Flatpak version. Truthfully Avidemux can do 95% of my simple video editing needs.

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Thx SPOFF, will install Avidemux and see how I get along with it.

I’m not stupid, as some ppl are imaging me, just not geeky enough to use stuff for stuff’s sake - but becoz I wanna get results. And after I suffered a mild stroke, like most patients, I lost all my patience, I don’t cater for fools, and can’t stand unnecessary complex shit.
And as Apple showed us in the late 90s already, there is editing software - made for people - possible and available. :slight_smile:

Isn’t such a wondrous human being called a dev?

Yes. Apple’s iMovie - or whatev it’s called - is in fact so super duper easy peasy, there was no learning curve, no learning experience involved. You watch your material on screen, cut out all the bad stuff and are instantly awesome. :star_struck:
Even transition effects, texts, added music, all the stuff is done with a few kliks. Even little grrly Orcsy-baby could do it. :girl:

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You might like Lossless cut. It s as easy as you get. It is not exact though. There is a second or two deviation if you are splitting files, so you have to take that into consideration.

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I meant Linux is not a dev and there’s no Linux company/business that provide applications like Apple with iMovie.

If you’re looking for simply cutting videos, install videocut or losslesscut-bin package.

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Thx Sempterobit, gonna play with it. But for my taste cuts need to be exact on a splitsecond/frame. Will see how it goes. Thx again.

It’s not obvious when you first install Avidemux, but if you are able to trim and cut your videos on keyframes the editor will resave the video without rendering. Very fast. It also can append multiple videos if the dimensions, frame rate, and compression are IDENTICAL. More complex frame accurate editing, cropping, video and audio effects can be done if you are willing to render a new video.


Most of your post went straight above my noggin. :exploding_head:

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LOL. Don’t worry about it too much. The program is easy to use for simple edits, trimming videos, etc. It’s just that I spent a career in TV production and Avidemux has a surprising amount of serious tools hidden under the surface.

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Ok, I won’t. Will care about it soon. Thx for the hint.