Video Downloader is unable to open Download Location

Hi, I’m new to Linux, I installed the “Video Downloader” and it works fine. However, when I clicked the “Open Download Location” button it didn’t do anything, no folder was opened. Have I missed anything?

personally never used this I’ve just always youtube-dl. However have you looked in your user directory for a config file for video downloader?


I don’t use it anymore, but you can set the download folder in the preferences of the add-on.
If I remember, the default directory was ~/dwhelper.

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I will try youtube-dl. However, I would like to learn how to fix the problem of not open the folder…

I use Media-Downloader and it works great. The one in your screenshot looks questionable.

Why so? Could you please expand?

The maintainer of the package is one of the most prolific ones on AUR with many a popular applications. Now if that can be taken as a criteria.

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I’m sorry but just look at the image for the app.

I see. Perhaps not the most handsome user interface.

I thought by “questionable” you meant perhaps some mischievous lines in the source code or maybe it had a faulty PKGBUILD or some such.

I installed the same application via flatpak and the button works fine. Pulled out the folder right away.

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