Video Conferencing Suggestions

Guys, I am looking for suggestions for video conferencing software. I am familiar with Zoom, Skype, Signal. I am happy if I could find something self-hosted, even WebRTC, for simplicity. But need the ability to record the meetings/interviews done there. I don’t mind paying for a service, but it needs decent storage, good performance, and the ability to rename meeting attendees on the fly also (commonly have to do that in Zoom).
Never more than 20 people involved.
Live streaming capability would be nice but not absolutely necessary.

Have you tried Jitsi?


Did have a look at it, and the recording left a bit to be desired. Local Recording not yet possible:
But thanks for the reply!

Take a look at Jangouts :point_down:

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I’ve used Big Blue Button. This can be self hosted, has decent recording features, and suits presentations, classes etc (i.e. the more “formal” kind of interaction; though you can obviously it for any purpose)

Do note, I have no experience in self hosting this myself, and don’t know how easy or difficult that would be. I used this on some one else’s server. Using the software is straightforward though, once hosted.

I’m not sure if this is possible in BBB. But I’ve never hosted a meeting on it so I don’t know. I’ve always joined as a guest.



I have few options to my knowledge:

  1. Nextcloud Talk

  2. Brave Talk

  3. Jami

  4. OpenMeetings

  5. And all other metioned by other people.

As of me, I had used the centre 2 options

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OBS can do that.