Video compression for noob

I’m looking for nice tool -video editor to compress and eventually improve image quality of my collection of family videos.
The case is that they’re uncompressed AVCHD .mov files, so 10 min playback weights around 1 gig. I wan’t them to be smaller, and maybe a bit better (like noise reducted etc).
I never did video editing, so tool could be user friendly.

Anyone can share his/her experiences? :slight_smile:

Back in the (not so legal) day DivX was king, but nowadays I’d recomend H264, or H265/HEVC, preferably in a Matroska Container. The latter requires more from the hardware, but gives much smaller file sizes.

As for software I’d say ffmpg or Handbrake.

Like Mr Echs said, ffmpg is the key to coverting. It’s been a while, but I’ve done something simular to this in the past. However, it doesnt clean up or improve quality.

This might help. Using command line:

You can have a look on handbrake:

Yes, I should’ve posted links, but I was on a packed tram on my way home, so I was’nt that keen on doing that on the phone. :wink:

As for video editing tools for linux (as a replacement for Adobe Premiere) there are quite a few.

Of those in mentioned I’ve only tried Kden Live, wich probably will do the trick for you, unless you got more professional needs.

I’ve used Handbrake before, and would recommend trying it.

Others have recommended HandBrake and I also highly recommend it. It is very easy to learn and use and, if you wish, you can convert your files to h.265, a system in which the files are much smaller in size than are those in h.264 format.

While you can convert older files with HandBrake to MP4 files (its default), I recommend that you create MKV files instead. This is what I do. I have been using HandBrake for many years now and I find it to be superb.

I also recommend that you install the VLC Media Player to play your movies if you have not already done so. In my personal experience, it is the best video player out there. It also plays music but, unfortunately, has ‘gaps’ between music files; Audacious, which is what I use to play music, does not have audio ‘gaps.’ But if those ‘gaps’ are not important to you, you can use VLC to play everything.

As for improving your videos (noise reduction, etc.), there are several programs available. Just go into the AUR using pamac (preferably pamac-aur-git) and, in the search box, type video noise reduction and you will see what is available. Please note that I myself have never tried any of them so far.

I hope that this is of some help to you.



Forgot about easy noice reduction. :slight_smile:

You know this but Matroska=MKV

And VLC. Allways!

Though (side track here) I read some alarming stuff about security there. Anyone who’s on top of that bees nest?

…and as allways, feel free to split threads, dear admins. :wink:

Thank you all so much for sugestions, hopefully I’ll find some time for trying some of these during the weekend.

I was using VLC explicitly for every video I was watching for I don’t even remember… 10-12 years? But… It’s funny, because it had some performance problems with my h.264 videos, sometimes screen after start was frozen for couple seconds, jumping some time forward/backward made it also think for second. It wasn’t hardware issue, my laptop is pretty much up-to-date. I never looked for solution of that problem because it wasn’t that important to me. Then SURPRISINGLY EndeavourOS builtin ‘Parole’ plays my videos with lightning speed! I mean the experience is so smooth, that for now I don’t feel like I need VLC. I never used 99% of its functions, and actually I’m not playing any video files except those I record by myself, so why bother?

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I never had any issues with H.264 but H.256 has given me some issues. Ok, it has albeit been on eldrly rescued laptops.

But one strange thing I’ve encountered with one girlfriends computer is that it has a slightley different look. Though hers I made a Debian based (can’t be arond all the time so I when’t for stability (starting to change my mind big time)). Git Build Ddebian looks different from AUR Git Build.

Strange I know.

I forgot about Avidemux, which is also a solid offering.

I used to use AviSynth scripts with Virtualdub/Nandub with Xvid many moons ago. You could really fine tune your transcoding, but you could also end up pulling your hair out from it. H264 profiles make a lot of that significantly easier now.

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Long time no see!

So, I’m that busy lately that I wasn’t able to check out your recommendations. But finally I found a tiny bit of time, and gave a shot to handbrake.
This software does the job perfectly! Not only my videos are 4-5 times smaller, they got also better quality! (slight noise reduction performed).

Thank you all for suggestions! :heart:

Solution goes to first handbrake mention, I wish I could give cudos to all of you.

Oh and for anyone interested, here’s how simple it is in cmdline:

~> HandBrakeCLI -Z "H.265 MKV 1080p30" -i 00022.MTS -o 00022_remastered.MTS --nlmeans=light --nlmeans-tune grain

before that I did some research on filters and how they change actual video.


Glad to see you back. We missed you.



Yes I missed you too, I feel awful that I couldn’t be here more often.
Hey @Pudge congratulations on joining core team! It’s so good to see that project goes well and get more valuable people involved.