VFIO pci passthrough issues

First off, the specs

PSU : 850 Watt

CPU: Intel 6850k @ 4ghz

GPU’s : Main (not in use for passthrough) - AMD 6950 XT

VFIO GPU - Nvidia RTX 2060

Ram : 25GB

Distro : Endeavour OS/Arch - latest

Second off, Journal CTL

Third off, VM config

Start and end scripts

Start: https://pastebin.com/Rs7GFRHX

end : https://pastebin.com/mm3PNvxd

Noveou drivers are also blacklisted in my modprobe.

Fourth off : the issue

I am trying to pass my 2060 as a vfio device, I have confirmed my vm works perfectly fine by booting directly into it with just the spice display connected, however as I am trying to pass this nvidia gpu in I am either getting an issue where shortly after booting it, the whole pc will go black and not come back, or I will have error 43.

Curiously I have noticed in the AMD driver appears to sperg out with an error, however there should be absolutely no interaction with the AMD gpu and the vm. The crash seems to happen 100% of the time when shutting off the vm, or just randomly during use or boot.

If I am somehow successful in booting into the VM, I can see the GPU is erroring out with error 43 (no amd gpu visible).

The machine does NOT crash however if I disable rom bar, but will refuse to work with the gpu stuck at error 43.

I have tried using the vbios and a patched vbios done by myself however the crashes still persist.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?