Very strange Openbox behavior

i use Openbox alone
i do not need lxde or lxgt

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That’s why I was asking for the difference between Openbox alone and with LX, I wanted to understand what LX adds to it

you can read the Archwiki for more info

Again I repeat, reading is not the same as experiencing. why not install in a VM to check it out?

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i do not know how to explain to you the difference
openbox with lx
then you get what lx should give you
you decide what lx must give you
that’s the fun of linux
it’s not microsoft windows shit
as @Shjim says “Your system your rules”
i would never use opebox with lx
because my system my rules
I can do what I want
my opinion I did not like lxde and not lxgt at all
but it’s just me
maybe you thought something else who knows
and as @sradjoker says try it out and see what you think is best
i can only say in the end
welcome to wm

poor English
yes i know :sweat_smile: