Very limited personalization?

Hi! After running Endeavour on KDE in a VM, I decided to install it with intent to use as a daily directly on my thonkpad (sic), but chose cinnamon instead after seeing the new Linux Mint edition come out recently. However unlike the cinnamon that comes out with Linux Mint, I think I did something wrong with my installation and limited my theming and personalization. Also for some reason I can’t take a screenshot anymore :sweat: Not a dealbreaker as it works fine, great even! Just wish I could tweak the colors more.

It does appear that EndeavourOS installs very little in the way of theme choices for the Cinnamon desktop. I was able to install whatever icon set I wanted an with pacman and choose it in the Themes control panel, along with using the the Add/Remove themes to get anything listed. So the opportunity seems to be available. I am not sure what you could have done to prevent future customization. It is certainly not limited by the Cinnamon desktop.

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the only package we do not install that removes some functionality is gnome-themes-extra if you want to use basic adwaita theming it adds a general dark and light mode if you choose simple button on theme settings.
Screenshooter should be there may the print button is not working for you but it should be there over the menu.

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Thank you! The gui for screenshots appear, but do not work either for some reason. I’ll try a few things out and report back

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