Very annoying system sound

This is probably really dumb but I just came over from peppermint 10 and on xfce there is this very loud and very painful buzzer sound. Some examples of when it comes up is when trying to shut down, when hitting backspace on an empty search bar in system applications, and generally comes up as a warning sound

I tried going to pulseaudio and turning off system sounds by taking the % to 0 but that didn’t remove the buzzer. I also can’t find anything in the xfce4 settings app.

Anybody know how to turn this off?
Thanks in advance!

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I’ve done this on a couple of Lenovo laptops I have where it can’t be disabled in BIOS/UEFI:

See it it works with this first:

rmmod pcspkr


As soon as you mentioned lenovo I knew it would work haha. Thank you so much!!