Verifying md5 value of the iso on win10

Hi everyone,
I am using win10 for verifying the iso value of endeavouros-2019.12.22-x86_64, downloaded via torrent, since my linux system ist busy in trying to install arch on a pendrive
The utility MD5 & SHA Checksum gives this values
md5: 824C4DCC70065CF74DFB7B71CB500906 (verified also with winmd5free)
sha-1: DBC02511EA9118F8151C51AFD9E4948F9F99274B
sha-256: 35D1A8D10CDB4B5992A8D067FD4DBCC91137142CE9C4C830F6E25D116D614585
Are they correct? I could not find the values the on the site
Thanks a lot

Your checksums are all correct.

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