Ventoy doesn´t boot the liveinstall, the ISO works if burned with imagewriter

This is my first post, after trying manjaro-sway earlier, but not really satisfied, I planned to go for the EndeavourOS version. Unfortunately, it didn´t work using Ventoy, with which I installed manjaro succesfully, the only way I got it to work was by directly flashing the ISO to the USB and boot from that.

The error it gave me was a kernel panic. Not sure, if it would have worked had I updated Ventoy, the USB stick was about a week or two/three old.

Things to check:

  1. Flash latest version of Ventoy.
  2. Make sure in the “Options”, Secure boot is unchecked.

With latest Ventoy flashed USB, latest iso works fine for me[Both offline & online mode].

and make sure to choose efi if system is efi… i am not sure but it can be that there happen confusion if ventoy is set to use Bios/legacy and system is UEFI.

same here :wink: