"Variety" wallpaper changer

I discovered Linux in 2006 at the age of 75 and most of my computing since then has been done using Linux Mint.

My interest in Endeavour was prompted by a review on YouTube by the Old Tech Bloke, a few weeks ago EndeavourOS i3 Edition - What's Not to Like? - YouTube As a user of MATE ever since it appeared on the scene, that twas the version of Endeavour I installed. So far, all is good and even at my advanced age I’m enjoying learning new command line skills :slight_smile:

Now we come to the point of this post. One of the “must have” applications I use is a wallpaper changer “Variety”. Although I have searched, I cannot find whether this is available for Endeavour and would appreciate learning whether it is, please? If it isn’t, is anyone able to suggest an alternative?

Although it is not so important, I also use a thesaurus application on Linux Mint which I find very useful. It is “Artha” At present, searching for it on Endeavour returns no results.

I have strong suspicion that I will eventually adopt Endeavour of my everyday operating system and I may even experiment with other Desktop Environments :slight_smile: The videos by the Old Tech Bloke encourage me to have a look at Window Managers but I think my command line skills will have to improve before going down that track.


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Variety is a package that is available by the looks of it.

Edit: Looks like Artha is a package available in the AUR.

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Variety is available.

…and artha is avaliable in the AUR.


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It's never too late when happiness is good. :wink:

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn and I am happy for you ! :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. Thank you for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.


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Doesn’t seem to have been clarified - so here goes: Try

yay artha

for that item, and

yay variety wallpaper

for the other. Select the number beside your choice, the just accept defaults from there to install. :grin: Yay is a very useful install helper - it searches, installs and updates - and includes the AUR in its capabilities.


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I thought I’d cross-post this here: Wallpaper Changer for Gnome3

It’s a script I ran across several years ago that just sudo-randomly puts up wallpaper from a folder in your /home-----I know it works with Gnome, but not sure what else…The script is open, so anyone can play with it anyway they want… Would “guess” that Mate & Cinnamon would work with mods?