Using rEFInd in EndeavorOS, Arcolinux & Arch Linux

My question: I can use refind boot EOS Cinnamon & Plasma using EFI stub loader and refind_linux.config easily but it seems Arcolinux & Arch Linux “Must” apply the manual boot stanzas. If correct, is there something different in the vmlinuz-linux and initramfs?

You shouldn’t have to get into using manual boot stanza’s. If you are using grub it is very easy to boot from refind using either grubx64.efi or the vmlinuz-linux file. I’m not as familiar with using it on systemd-boot but I’m sure it can de done also.

No need for any tricks,; except NOT letting those ‘others’ (or anyone really) to update grub. Many other systems have differing workarounds for loading Arch distros correctly.

My own experience is that ArcoLinux will rebuild a grub correctly, Arch will do likewise, but most will not. As for rEFInd, if you run refind-install on each distro, it should pick them all up cleanly, and work appropriately. Just check our wiki entry on rEFInd for hints and tips, or ask here if any troubles…

No problem with EndeavorOS using EFI stub loader and refind_linux.config. For Arcolinux, it didn’t show any icon on refind menu but solved by upgrading refind 0.13.x to latest 0.14.x. It can work without boot stanza. :+1: