Using pacman to search for packages and tool for zip (*.zip) file

I need a unzip tool because there are zip files needed to be unzip.

During previous post, i did mentioned that looking for packages with $pacman -Ss zip does not provide friendly result. I was totally confused … don’t know what should be installed.

pacman search result

Even pacman -Si gives me the result on the first shot, but pacman -Ss bring only confusion…
I read thru the list, over 10 packages already i still can’t find what i am looking for, only confusion with packages that is so similar in name.

pacman Si result

However pamac give me the 1st result on the list:


Arch Package webpage also provides me with the 1st result what i am looking for.

arch package web

So, the question is, how arch user searching for package of interest using pacman ? I want to learn to use pacman to install packages… especially when i have never use the package before and don’t know the exact name…

pacman results are not sorted by relevance so if you want that you should use a different tool.

There is no reason you can’t use pamac or search the arch package site if that what you prefer.

That being said, it usually isn’t a huge issue unless you a searching for a really common word like “zip” or “python”

There is no “sort by relavent” flag on pacman -Ss ?

Well, you guys said try to use pacman instead of pamac… hence i am trying to learn to use pacman instead… :pensive: and the first use is zip file… and i can’t find it.
I have to use pamac to confirmed that zip package is really named “zip”, so that i can download from pacman… but since i am in pamac already, who will want to switch back to pacman to download something that already infront of my finger :sweat_smile:

Please be aware that everyone here has different opinions on the best way to do things. It is up to you decide what the best way for you is.

If pamac is your preference and it works for you then you should use it.

No worry, i won’t be dictated by ppl of what do use…
I am just thinking maybe i really missed out something that more elite user know… :thinking: since they can use terminal for everything, i am trying to catch up as well, i know the benefit of terminal over gui in most of the cases…
For example,
I still uses terminal to adjust backlighting of monitors and hdmi monitor… which there is no such feature even on endeavouros gui (or the adjustment is too coarse).

For the record, I hate it when package results are sorted by relevance. That is not my personal preference.

If I wanted to find a package for zip I would probably do something like this:

pacman -Ssq zip | grep -i zip | sort

That would limit the results pretty substantially. Then I would install the package unzip

I am not saying you should do it like this, just letting you know how I handle it.


That’s what i meant when i said how elite terminal users uses tools that newbie did’t realize. Thx.

wau why you call this elite ?
If someone is using another language then you you would call him elitist because he can speak another language? Or someone from the office using tables (excel) It is in now way about elitism, it is only experience what is a good thing, elitsm is something else.

I do not want to be harsh but i was wondering to see this word in context that you get help from someone with this experience.

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Oh, sorry you think it that way. When i said elite in linux my spirit really means elite in linux… i was not having any evil meaning or any sort. When i said elite… i am really admiring them who have high knowledge and skill, that’s all…
I know “elite” word is nowaday being used in bad direction… like those elite who highly exalt themselves and trying to control other ppl… like those political elite… but that was not what i meant.
Since english is not my mother language… i suppose you guys know more than me… hence i appologize if causes anybody any hurt or harm. No worry! be happy :wink:


:joy: special on archlinux :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not mean it badly altogether, only was not clear to what your feeling was at the post.
And English is not my native language too.
But thanks to clear that for me!

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