Using multiple DE: KDE and Gnome

Ok, I am not a noob but I feel this is a newbie question :blush:

I have KDE Plasma installed and yesterday added a session with Gnome. I just can’t decide on my DE, every few weeks I want another one.

My questions:

  • If I run on Gnome session and update the system will it always update all packages including KDE plasma, meaning I will have a hell of a lot of updates compared to only one DE installed?

  • Gnome is GTK, KDE is Qt, if I want to uninstall the one or the other, can I expect conflicting packages (meaning I risk uninstalling unwanted packages that break the system)?

  • What happens with my window managers when I login in KDE vs. Gnome vs. will it automatically switch from SDDM to GDM or do I need to this manually? I am not even sure if in Gnome it was still running SDDM, I just ran the following command to make sure I am ok.

sudo systemctl enable gdm.service -f

Yes. Packages are packages, it doesn’t matter which DE you are using. The more stuff you install the more updates you get.

It depends how you do it. It is certainly possible to uninstall them but it is not as easy as installing them. It also depends how willing you are to accept some application casualties. It is true that gnome is based on gtk and plasma on qt but other applications are also based on qt/gtk which aren’t associated with either platform.

Display managers are separate things from DEs. You can run both plasma and gnome from SDDM and the same is true for GDM. You don’t have to switch display managers but you can if you want to.

Yes, that method should work fine

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Thanks for that! I think I will just run both for a while without uninstalling them. If the day comes to do it, I am probably better off reinstalling EOS, but right now I have all the programs and setup I need; don’t want to start from scratch.

Your mileage and your experience may vary (as hinted at above). It’s been my experience that with multiple DEs, you end up with duplicate services running that are required by only one of them, so your memory is being used for things you aren’t going to use (in a given session) and various weird things can happen making your system that much less stable.
I’ve been there…I’ve done this. I try to avoid it now.

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I know me too, normally installing two DE went bonkers. But here in EOS, at least right now, I have both installed and Gnome seems to work great. Will have to try working throughout the day and see what happens.

Edit: rightfully, any newbie to linux, not recommended to do this…


Another factor to consider - it clashes less often if you use a different user for the alternate DE. I don’t think I would risk it under the same name (and .config directories!) - but apparently it CAN work… :grin:

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