Using .deb files on non-debian systems [SOLVED]

I came across this this article and immediately thought to ask what people on this forum think about this.

Is it a real possibility? Is it “dangerous” in the sense that it can seriously mess up the system?

I have only come once across an app (can’t remember which one) whereby for Linux only .deb and .rpm packages were offered, so I stayed away from it.
What do you think?

There are several problems with this approach:

  • The package will never get updated
  • The package manager won’t know about it, this may cause it to be installed more than once, block updates or block the the installation of other packages
  • The libraries those binaries expect to see may not be installed on your system
  • That process ignores dependencies

If you really, really need to install a deb or rpm on your system, the best approach is to create PKGBUILD for it.

You should also avoid using debtap.


Thank you for your advice!
Since I got into Linux 3 years ago I have not come across an app that I really really need to have but did not exist for my distro.

So, I will stay away from .deb packages. I am happy I checked here. Thank you :pray:

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