Using CapsLock for something else? (Wayland, KDE6)

I have been using CapsLock for IME switching (keyboard language) under Gnome. Under Gnome, running a command makes CapsLock not change casing.

Under Wayland KDE6, however, I could not find a way. By default, if I set CapsLock for IME switching, pressing CapsLock does two things at the same time (IME switching, and case changing). In the advanced settings, if I disable Caps Lock, it does also not work for the IME switching. That is, Caps Lock becomes completely disabled.

Is it possible to remap CapsLock to something else under Wayland KDE without a lot of effort like recompiling KDE, etc?

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I use it for an extra hyper/meta key. Caps+Enter=Terminal for me in every setup I’ve had for years.

I use interception-tools dual function keys, I tap left control for a terminal and left Alt for my browser. I use scripts to get a pseudo run or raise type behaviour (by only having my terminal on workspace 1, browser on 3 etc.), mostly works :smiley: