Using a tar.gz file

there is an outdated package in the AUR: “scangearmp2 3.90-1” which is out-of-date.

I found “scangearmp2-source-4.10-1.tar.gz”

I got as far as extracting the file. There is no PKGBUILD to “makepkg”

Help will be appreciated. thanks

Is that the source of the code itself, or the AUR tarball? Where did you find it?

You could download the .deb version and convert it to an arch install using the following info.

you can modify the pkgbuild offcourse change the source, if the name correspont only the version nr but source are same you have to change the MD5SUM of ‘SKIP’ just take the PKGBUILD from aur or use something as trizen that offer a option to edit the pkgbuild. as long the sources are the same. only devide the version nr then only change the version nr in pkgbuild…

Here is another source for the file you can try.

just builded it , just do pacman -U (file)

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(“scangearmp2-source-4.10-1.tar.gz” found on Canon website as noted by ricklinux)

Thank you ringo for building the file (would like to learn the process you used)

Used info from to utilize “pacman -U”

—noticed the scangearmp2 file on my computer is now v4.10. Still have yay reporting: Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: scangearmp2

its stil oout of date , i just downloaded the tar.gz file , and coppied the link from my location on disk, editted the pkgbuld by trizen, paste the link to my disk location., MD256SUM whatever i have placed SKIP , the follow up for the desktop file i changed the version also… if its works is ok… pacman -U installes local based files…

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Personally, I have just installed scangearmp2 3.9 with yay in the normal way without the need to download the tarball. Why don’t you just use yay -S scangearmp2. Admittedly, I did this one day before it was shown as out-of-date. It should have no effect if you install it today. Alternatively, it may well be updated by the developer fairly quickly.

if it works then it works… when its out of date you find it oud of date in the aur, yeah you have to flag it out of date…

works in arch repo quiet the same if you find something out of date, is just flag it… would not say it comes quickly but the packager is notified about it. :slight_smile:

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The question is does it work? :relieved:

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