Using a Newly Downloaded Kernel and Making It Default

I downloaded the linux-fsync-nobara-bin package from the AUR and I don’t know how to make it default or how to use it at all. I’m using GRUB by the way. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Edit Grub:
sudo nano /etc/default/grub


You can change the default from 0 to any number, corresponding to the entry in the Grub bootup menu (first entry is 0, second is 1, etc.)

If the grub menu is not showing, then make sure timeout number is 5 seconds (or whatever):


‘ctrl’ and ‘o’ to save.
‘ctrl’ and ‘x’ to exit.

Then rebuild grub:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Why does one want to use this kernel on an Arch based distro? :thinking:

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Kernel optimized for gaming with useful patches I guess

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The problem is that the alternate kernel isn’t showing up on the list.’

edit: I found it under advanced options. Now GDM won’t load. I just see a blinking cursor.

I think you will have to create a new thread for that problem.