User gets logged out after unlocking! - LightDM/Plasma(X11)

Hi friends,
For reasons too long/boring to explain here, I use LightDM’s dm-tool to handle user switching and screen locking. It works great…some times.
The rest of the times, it does this:

  1. user1 logs in and opens some application
  2. user1 runs dm-tool switch-to-greet or dm-tool lock from konsole (or shell script, same result)
  3. LightDM greeter is shown on screen with user1 in bold letters
  4. Unlock button is pressed with user1 selected
  5. screen flickers a couple of times
  6. LightDM greeter shows on screen with user1 in normal letters (no bold) and Login button (instead of Unlock)
  7. user1 session has been reset!!!

I could not figure out a pattern for this behaviour, so I would say it is ramdon.
What I can say is that, when testing, you don´t open apps (as in 1.) you have more chances of unlocking succesfully.

Logs and system info below.

Any help would be much appreciated.*
Thank you in advance.


*specially something that helps me undestand the logs…!

LightDM and X logs:

Operating System: EndeavourOS
KDE Plasma Version: 5.26.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.101.0
Qt Version: 5.15.7
Kernel Version: 6.0.12-arch1-1
OS Type: 64-bit
Graphics Platform: X11
DM: LightDM
Graphics Processor: AMD RS880 (I know…vintage hw)