Use pages instead of one page

I was just wondering if you could break down large response pages down into numbered pages. I only suggest this because it’s a real pain to have to scroll through 300+ responses just to get to the latest responses. Other than this problem the website layout is great.

There are two ways to move immediately to the latest post:

  • Press the End key.
  • Drag the colored bar on the timeline (located to the right of the messages) to the bottom.

You can also just click on time at the bottom of the bar to jump straight to the last post.


Thanks guys those suggestions work. Really takes the hassle out of scrolling through all those replies.

But also, please don’t reply to the end of a thread saying “I didn’t read the thread, but…” . :laughing:

keyboards are livesavers :wink:

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I never have to scroll down the whole thread. Everytime there is a new reply and I open the thread again discourse will take me to the first unread post in the thread. Is this not working for you?
If there is a new thread that does not have a solution I often scroll through all the posts …

This. Also, scroll up (or hit PageUp or Home or something similar) and you’ll see a Back button appear. Clicking that does…well, guess :wink: