Use of overlay repo for bugfixes

Continuing the discussion from Can't do a "pacman -Syu" because yad-eos and yad are in conflict:

Not sure if this has been considered already, but EndeavourOS has an overlay repo that can could be used to directly override packages in this sort of situation.

For example, rather than have a different package called eos-yad, rebuild the yad package and give it a decimal pkgrel bump (12.0-1 → 12.0-1.0).

This means people don’t have to replace conflicting packages, and when the bug is fixed upstream it’s a simple case of removing the package from the repo to revert to updating from Arch.


We don’t have one today but it is an interesting idea.

I thought there was a repo that had things like yay and dkms-installer in it (and eos-yad)? :confused:

It is under the Arch repos so it can’t be used to override.


Ah, gotcha.

Did it used to be above, or did I imagine that? :thinking: /me looks back in time

Edit, nope, always below:

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I guess you may remember arco repos, or I also have imagined that. I think one of these distros had once configured their repos before arch.
:thinking: :exploding_head:

Imho it does make sense for case @jonathon mentioned above (well, ultimately you’d want to have things fixed in the arch repos of course)

Changing it (moving it to the top) by default is probably not really an option anymore since you would have a mix of users (new installs) having it at the top, where overlaying is then possible and all the existing installs without… (unless you go MJ style and fiddle around in the users config files past install; nah don’t do that :wink:)


I think it would be better to add an additional repo than move the current repo. That being said, it doesn’t seem worth the effort for a single package.


Like it is now users getting confrontation with it what is also not a bad thing… but it is indeed always also a HUGE PANIC BUTTON! if updates failed with an




Thanks @jonathon for the nice idea!

Fortunately we have only one package that needs this kind of fixing. If there would be more, then an additional repo before Arch repos would be a straightforward way to solve similar issues.

I’m still hoping the yad dev is going to fix the dialog height issue. Don’t really know why not, as he has been informed about the problem a long time ago.