Use laptop as monitor

I need to do some maintenance on an old computer, but don’t have a monitor available.
Is there any way to use my laptop (running Endeavour OS) to display the pc’s HDMI output?
i.d.c. about performance.

You could always do this :wink:

(Seriously though, I know you can do this on Windows with the presentation feature but you still need to change some settings on the original computer. Not sure about Linux.)

I can’t change settings on the original computer because I don’t have a monitor.

Without a monitor you won’t be able to set up remote-control software like Anydesk or VNC, so yep, you really need a monitor, even if you borrow from a friend for a couple of hours, or pick up at a second-hand store for a few $$

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What if you connect the hard drive of the old computer to your laptop and then chroot into the hard drive to perform the required maintenance? Assuming that the old computer isn’t using an NVME SSD.

I mean, it seems inconceivable to me that this is possible because the HDMI port on your laptop is only capable of sending data, not receiving data. Even if you connect a HDMI cable between your laptop and the other PC and the latter tries to send video and audio data to your laptop, the laptop most likely won’t be able to understand the data it receives from the HDMI port.

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Do you have ssh access? You’re going to have to have some form of remote-desktop software installed. If you ave ssh access you can login and install it. For simplicity I would recommend rustdesk. If you don’t have SSH access then I’m afraid you may be stuck finding a monitor ti connect, also depending on how old the system you are trying to connect to is you may need an RGB dongle even if you get something like rustdesk installed and running.