USB Writer an Formatter ( solved)

I came from Linux Mint Cinnamon edition an I was wondering what USB Writer an USB Format er does everyone use with Endeavor? Thanks ahead of time for Your response!

Hi @Atrail, you have all the answers you need here on the EndeavourOS website, You could format your USB from Terminal or in using Balena Etcher for exemple…

Thanks for the reply,yea I read all that ,was looking for something alittle bit different I guess!

What are you looking for exactly ? Are you speaking about format USB drive EXT4 FAT32 FAT16 ??
You have Gparted by default on EndeavourOS…

hello you also have: gnome-disk-utility

My personal favorite is Mintstick, actually.

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Mintstick Fat16 works with everything…I was using it for years !

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Thank You everyone! That Minkstick is what I was looking for! It has never failed in the years that I,ve used it! I just didn,t know it,s name Thx Again!!!

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It’s because it’s uses Linux Mint / Gnome standards so it’s not displaying it’s “name” but it’s function. So it’s just called “USB writer” in the program menu. Just like Linux Mint’s PDF reader just shows up as “Document Viewer” in the menu.

Anyway glad to help!