USB WiFi rtl8811cu suddenly stopped working after an update

Hello all
Been running EndeavourOS Plasma (KDE) flawlessly for the last 6 months. Few updates being installed every day with no issues.

This morning, after some updates, my usb WiFi 8811cu just stopped working. Tried to reinstall the driver (yay -S rtl8821cu-dkms-git and depmod -a) and reboot with no luck.

Checked my WiFi under Windows 7 and no issues.

Can someone help me to restore my rtl8811cu?

Probably due to kernel 5.8. AUR package page comment says:

so it’s likely that it’s failing to compile.

Looks like there is a fork which fixes compilation against 5.8:

This will need you to temporarily set a different upstream for the PKGBUILD:


then build again.

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Can you explain this command by command? I’ve no idea how to build. I’ve always use the Yay command.

Something along the lines of:

cd $(mktemp -d)
yay -G rtl8821cu-dkms-git
cd $_
sed -i 's|brektrou/rtl8821CU|mbrysa/rtl8821CU|g' PKGBUILD
makepkg -sri

should do.


Working now. Thank you, Jonathan… Hat off to you :+1: