USB Tethering does not work

When I turn on USB tethering in my phone, it does not show up in the network manager in EndeavourOS KDE, and I cannot browse any website. However, the phone shows tethering is activated.

USB tethering works perfectly in Manjaro (the same phone and the same computer).

Do I need to install some package in EndeavourOS to enable USB tethering?

I would see if there’s any optional dependancies for network manager installed on Manjaro. I’m not near a terminal to look for you though.


I restarted the computer, and somehow it is working automatically.

I suspect that last time it was not working because there was a huge system update, and I did not restart the computer immediately.

If you update the kernel but don’t reboot then yes, new devices won’t work (unless you use something like kernel-modules-hooks or mkmm).

I’d also point out that your original post was misleading, as you said

which implies that you rebooted to test the other distro (otherwise how do you know it works as opposed to used to work).

But, it’s good that you got it working!


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