USB Sound Card not working

Hello everyone!

I have an issue with my USB Sound Card on all my three Endeavour OS PCs (2 desktops and 1 notebook).
It’s recognized, everything seems to be alright but there is no audio coming off the headphones.
Both soundcard and headphones are working perfectly (the sound card was tested today on my brother’s windows PC).


The sound card is called “GS3”
I’ve tested this on VLC. VLC was already set up correctly with the proper output (audio device → GS3).

This is what the Volume Control utility shows:

On Another note, the sound card allows microphones. I hooked one up and was able to record using audacity without any issues on all three of my endeavour os systems.

Could the Audio driver being selected not be the correct one?


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Have you checked that it’s not muted in the alsamixer?


Ok now I feel really dumb. I didn’t know what the alsamixer was.
You were entirely right, when I typed alsamixer, then press F6 → select GS3, it was on 0 volume…
Using the keyboard I increased the volume and that was it.
Thanks a lot for the response!!

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Sound issues are difficult normally. I just made a lucky guess. :wink:

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