Usb live creator

Hi, im new with this distro , how to install iso image creator program to create usb live

There are several that can be installed from the AUR, for example imagewriter or popsicle.

Make sure your system is up-to-date first:

sudo pacman -Syu

And then:

yay -S imagewriter

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You could also use popsicle

yay -S popsicle-git
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yay -S imagewriter
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Out of curiosity, which one did you install and how is it working for you?

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Hi, i tried to create USB Live with 2 different programs -Multiwriter
and Kindd but without success . when process finish and try the USB flash drive after reboot on Bios i cannot see the device for booting option , i tried 2 different iso image and same problem, how to fixed or if you have advice for different app let me know please.
Thank you

You have a similar topic here with some suggestions given:

Pehaps this one could be merged with that one if you see fit.

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with popsicle working but only when i create Linux USB live .when i try to make windows live USB my USB flash is not on the list for boot option

To make a bootable Windows USB, use woeusb-ng (AUR package):

yay -S woeusb-ng

It has a simple GUI interface.

Give Ventoy a tey they also have Linux version. Or Etcher it works both on Windows and Linux but be warned Windows version has been accused of privacy issues. Due to anonymous reporting of usage data and errors.

Give popsicle a try. It’s actually good. Or in last case format your pendrive to fat32 or exfat and extract the iso to there

The best ways to create a bootable USB device in my opinion are :

  1. dd
  2. SUSE Studio imagewriter

Has always worked for me and still does.

The topic App for USB Live is merged with this thread. Because it’s the same question.

As @BONK has pointed out and maybe others popsicle works extremely well on EOS.

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Has popsicle added the ability to make a live Windows USB? The last I knew, it could not do this.

Sorry if i missed that! No … it doesn’t. My thought on here is never about Windows and i didn’t notice that. :+1:

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I can attest that the above mentioned Ventoy has worked for me to boot up Windows’ ISO in the past.