USB Headset with multiple output channels

I have an HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset. It uses USB.
It should display 2 output devices (for reference, “Chat” and “Game”) and this works on windows without any kind of prior driver installation. It just appears as 2 different devices.
On Endeavour, on the other hand, it appears as just one output device.
Unlike windows, the name of this device does not say it’s the “Chat” device or the “Game” device, but throw experimentation with the headset controls, I can confirm that it is the “Game” device rather than a mix of devices.
I’m running a default installation with the KDE de without any modification to pipewire, pulseaudio or the like.
I’ve changed my device profile to pro audio, and it makes the two devices visible but the sound (of the chat device) is of really low quality and it is really quiet.
How can I get the two different devices working correctly?