Urxvt any font has boxes or weird symbols

Hello Everyone,

I was changing my urxvt font and got these weird boxes. they don’t really disappear I get weird behavior on the standard font as well.


Derek Taylor played around with the different fonts and offered the following in .Xresources

URxvt.font:  xft:UbuntuMono Nerd Font:size=13, \
	     xft:Inconsolata Nerd Font:size=13, \
	     xft:DejaVuSansMono Nerd Font:size=13, \
	     xft:DroidSansMono Nerd Font:size=13, \
	     xft:FuraMono Nerd Font:size=13, \
	     xft:Roboto Mono :size=13, \
	     xft:Noto Sans Mono:size=13, \
URxvt*depth: 32

The first font found in this list will be used. And it works I tested.
fc-list | grep <fontname>
(Do not forget xrdb to load or merge .Xresources )

round corners :sunglasses:

funny that the boxes only replacing w and m never saw such thing happen but i was never using urxvt also :wink: