Updating with pacman or yay?

Hello fellows,

is there any difference if I update my system with pacman -Syu or yay -Syu, beside that yay also updates aur packages?


personal preferences to seporate…

pacman -Syu

and for aur yay -Sua

you can do with both but is just what you like, since yay also use pacman. and pacman uses libalmp


I prefer to use yay -Syyu. And @ringo it is libalpm :slight_smile:




hehhhh yeah some quirk :slight_smile:

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Remove Kalu. Install pamac, in preferences add AUR. You get auto-update notification for both. Use KISS (keep it simple S****d)

kalu can get notifications and btw its about topic pacman :slight_smile:

you can have archlinux.org in your browser’s favorites bar and go have a look

@ringo 2h

kalu can get notifications and btw its about topic pacman

It’s about “topic package managers” including yay too. Let’s not quible about preferences. just my opinion.


@makeixo You can also just use yay to update and it will do both the pacman updates and the AUR if there are any. You don’t need to use yay -Syu. It’s the same thing. If you use yay -Sua it will update only the AUR. sudo pacman -Syu updates but not the AUR packages. If you are using Kalu you can add the AUR updates also so that there will be two notifications that come up if there are updates for both at the same time. Other wise only one notification comes up. If there are two notifications and you click on the one for the AUR it will do all updates because you have set it to use yay to update which does both. So it opens the terminal when you click on the AUR notification and asks for password and does all updates. To set up Kalu right click the Kalu icon and go into preferences, click on the AUR tab, check the box show button update AUR packages, in the window below put in xfce4-terminal -e “yay”
Make sure you click on save button.
Now Kalu will update everything. Using yay -Syyu is also a good practice. The double y forces a synchronization and then updates both. So in Kalu you could use this command instead if you wanted.
So it would be xfce4-terminal -e “yay -Syyu”
This is if you are using the xfce terminal otherwise for example on Cinnamon it may be gnome-terminal.
Or you can do all your updating from the terminal …it’s entirely up to you. :grinning:


Exactly what I do!


without any parameters is all I need.


Thx Rick for the detailed explanation.

I like :heart_eyes: