Updating My Sytem to Cassini Nova

I was glad to see another “newer” release of my beloved EndeavourOS.
Again, as per my previous post Convert to systemd-boot with dracut? that I was interested to keep my system following the latest release (e.g. the default boot loader was Grub then changed to systemd-boot, dracut…)
I explained in that thread:

So, I feel comfortable now converting to systemd-boot, actually I feel I should
To summarize:

  • to follow the best thing the developers I trust chose.
  • to be following the development going on.
  • I think boot time with dracut should be much faster than Grub.
  • it is simpler and more stable.

With the arrival of Cassini Nova and doing system update as usual through yay -Syyu , would there be anything I will be missing? (the previous installation before the Cassini I had to convert to systemd-boot and dracut manually)

So, anything I need to add, remove, configure… etc. to have my system as if I made a fresh install of Cassini Nova?

No, Nova is just bug fixes.

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Thanks a lot @dalto.
Thanks for all what you are all doing, and for the prompt response.