Updating installed app via .zip?

How do I update an app that’s already installed via a .zip folder with the most recent app version from the website? At present running -Syu or -U doesn’t do anything to the app I’m working with to upgrade it further. Meanwhile if I go to the app developer’s website I can download a .zip folder for linux that clearly has a more recent update. What commands will let me update the existing installed up from the contents of the folder? Or do I need to do a clean install of the .zip folders contents?

You absolutely should not ever do that.

If you want to use a version “directly from the website”, unpack it in your home directory. Don’t try to install it over the version pacman installed. You will break your ability to update the system otherwise.


Unpack it in my home directory…but then what? If it’s a .zip file do I just run an executable like I would on a windows OS? How would I go about installing it outside of pacman?

If it’s a PPA like Schism Tracker, then just unzip it to wherever you want in your “/home/(user)” directory. It only has an executable file and a couple of text files, which are the documentation. I’m only mentioning that program as an example.

It depends on the contents of the ZIP file and the packaged application. It might contain only an executable file, but not its dependencies. It might contain one library or more, but it wouldn’t mean that it satisfied all dependencies.

Some packages like Freebasic come with scripts to install it into “/usr/bin” and places like that. Use your own judgement about it. Sometimes there’s no need to “install” such an application, but you should unpack it in a folder somewhere inside your regular user’s account.

pacman or any other package manager cannot do anything about it, it’s up to you when you want to update such software. The same with AppImages.

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