Updating closed issues


What is a good way to update closed issues? An issue I had last month reoccurred and while fixing it again, I discovered something that might be helpful to other users. I’m not finding any way to reopen the thread.



Two ways:

  1. Ask the mods to reopen it so you may add the update
  2. Create a new thread and paste the link from the older thread in your new thread.
    → Giving it the same or a similar title is a good idea.

It will look like this on the old thread:

A good title would be “Old Title Name [Update]” or “[Update] Old Title Name

EDIT: I see which thread you are talking about (your only thread). That doesn’t need any update, to be honest.

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Flag the topic, select “Something Else” and ask for it to be re-opened.


Well, if I was having this issue for the first time, I would have appreciated the new info. The solution is likely unrelated to what we thought. I found a version mismatch between megasync and megasync-debug, likely caused by using different install methods (yay vs tar).

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll start a new thread and reference the old.

Ahm… megasync-debug is an unnecessary package for most users, so you should probably uninstall it.

Reference: Missing AUR Debug Packages *-debug - #16 by keybreak

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