Updates via Welcome-App - Asking for Root instead of Sudo


I’ve recently set up a PC for my family using EndeavourOS and explained the system update using the Welcome-App.
But instead of the sudo password, its always asking for the root password.

Is there any way I can change that? Since I’m not always there, it would be much better if it would ask for the sudo password.

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Sudo enables a user to carry out a command as root. Basically it is almost the same.


root is a more privileged user, as the name suggests, he has Root Rights.


cat /etc/passwd

you can see your various users.

Yes, you can modify EOS_ROOTER in /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf


Thank you!
Exactly the thing I needed.

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In connection with this, I would like to ask why, when updating the Welcome application, it asks for the root password instead of asking for the user’s password when using sudo? Does this have any significance?

Because it is isn’t using sudo. It is using su by default.

Yes, you can change EOS_ROOTER to be sudo as described above and then it will use the user password.

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That’s exactly what I was wondering, is there any special reason why it uses su instead of sudo by default?

In the past sudo has had some (potential) security issues, so su was chosen as the default.
It is debatable which one is best as default though. But this solution (=configuring EOS_ROOTER) makes it possible for everyone to have their preferred choice.


This explains the decision in favor of su. The security incidents with sudo didn’t occur to me, but I remember them.

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