Updates message notifications

When i get the notification there are updates and run it to update i get the following message.

Note: 'UpdateInTerminal' is deprecated, consider using 'yay', 'paru', or 'pacman' instead.

Arch & EndeavourOS update check:
:: Searching Arch & EndeavourOS for updates...
inxi  ->  311.92 KiB
Root Password: 

Does this have anything to do with update in the terminal from the Welcome app?

I always use this option:

I also do but i was just wondering about the messaging?

I don’t get that deprecated message when clicking Update System (yay).

I checked the file: /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts/welcome and it seems that this message is not coming from the Welcome app, it is coming from pacman itself. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about this please.

You are probably right? I was just trying to figure out what it all means.

As far as I remember, the UpdateInTerminal helped with some Nvidia thing, I’m pretty sure that I saw this in a thread here…

Found it:

Not sure about the reason why it is now deprecated, probably because it isn’t necessary anymore ?

I’m not sure either? Just seems strange. Usually if it’s a pacman thing they would rectify that eventually.

I think I got it wrong, now I’m lost hehe

You will find UpdateInTerminal there.

Well that’s why i was wondering if it was part of Welcome and what determines that it’s deprecated? I thought it was using pacman commands to update? :man_shrugging:

Of course it can’t be because the message say’s to consider using ‘yay’, ‘paru’, or ‘pacman’ instead.

Indeed, good point…

It seems that it checks for grub fw updates, arch keys, it is a sophisticated way of updating as I see it.
But I’m not a programmer…

Nvidia part:



UpdateInTerminal is deprecated for a few reasons. Mainly because there are good “alternatives” for it, like pacman and yay.

Also, there’s also eos-update which is capable of checking the mentioned Nvidia thingy, among other additional features like the keyrings.

But UpdateInTerminal is still used by eos-update-notifier, so it will take some time to handle those two apps in a reasonable way.
The plan is to eventually remove UpdateInTerminal, then think about what to do with eos-update-notifier (which may be “minimized” in the future, but that hasn’t been really decided yet).

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