UpdateInTerminal error

UpdateInTerminal is not working, message is showing -
" UpdateInTerminal: parameter OptFunc is not a bash function"
It happened after the last update, what could it be?

@manuel ?

Can you share the full output from sudo pacman -Syu

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Strange, here it seems to work.
Which shell are you using?

@Kresimir, what’s the face-palm about?

I know, I can be totally stupid at times.

As I have no clue to a possible solution of the OP’s issue, I called in Manuel b/c searching for the error message posted, the link I posted was one of very few results, and there have been various situations where it made sense in the past. Was just trying to be helpful. - Just disregard my whining. :wink:


About how absurdly complicated that script is, for doing pretty much nothing.


Ah… Thanks!