Updated kernels not available

I get an RSS feed from Arch with all of the latest package updates. For some reason, even after running /usr/bin/eos-rankmirrors and yay -Sy, the latest linuz-zen kernels are not showing up. Even running checkupdates returns a completely blank slate.

Anyone else having this problem? I did a successful update a couple of days ago.

UPDATE: this is affecting all of the kernels I have installed from the Arch repos - linuz-zen and linux-lts; the AUR repos are OK.

eos-rankmirrors ranks only the EndeavourOS mirrors, not the Arch mirrors.
Use one of many choices for the Arch mirrors:

  • reflector
  • reflector-simple
  • rate-mirrors
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Just how updated are you expecting? I’m on 5.17.1-zen - and I had to wait for the ZFS mods for it - seems pretty up-to-date to me…?

Well, the 5.17.3 kernel hit the repos this morning.

Don’t do that.

Warning: When installing packages in Arch, avoid refreshing the package list without upgrading the system (for example, when a package is no longer found in the official repositories). In practice, do not run pacman -Sy package_name instead of pacman -Syu package_name, as this could lead to dependency issues. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Pacman

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Updating the mirrors did the trick - thanks!

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