Updated images released to fix wireplumber issue

Today changes were made in Arch Linux that made wireplumber a requirement for pipewire-pulse and pipewire-jack. But we were shipping pipewire-media-session on the image because of sound not working properly with wireplumber in some cases. This caused failed installs today.

To fix this we have released new images that now ship with wireplumber.

You don’t need to do anything different from your end, just repeat the install process and it will automatically use the new image.

Hopefully, we can figure out wireplumber together to get sound working as usual.


more question about , because is not only concerns EOS Arm announcements :
i have removed wireplumber before , so i have only pipewire & pipe-media-session , but on update
i get conflit between wireplumber and pipewire-media-session and option are [o/N]

2 possibilities :

  1. i accept , and should i add again pipewire-media-session
    → no because wireplumber will be installed

  2. i remove first pipe-media-session , update , then add pipewire-media-session
    → same result

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