Update to 6.5.3 - stuttering


After I updated to kernel 6.5.3. (full system update) I got global stuttering / lags from time to time. Maybe 1 per minute.
Maybe another package will couse this error / bug?
I’ve gone back with timeshift on 6.5.2. with no lags.

Anybody else this problem? What should I do?

Greetings, Tariin

you can ninstall LTS Kernel (linux-lts) in addition to main one to have a fallback you can choose from boot menu.

It can happen from time to time that new kernels causing little issues on rolling OS.

But show your specs at least so we can see what Hardware you are runing on.

Yes, I have allready the lts and the mainline installed.
Maybe I wait for 6.5.4?
Last system update before the problem occured was Monday. Yesterday another system update and I got these problem. So I went back to Monday Snapshot via Timeshift.

That are my specs.

There is a new UEFI Bios update for your motherboard version 1654 with AMD AGESA I would try updating and see if this helps.


Tanks for your reply. Changing the UEFI is the last option for me. I went back to a timeshift snapshot 3 weeks old. Then I made a full update. So now the bug has gone. Perhaps some misconfigurated settings by me??? Perhaps the opencl amd driver??? I don’t know. But system now runs again without that bug and full updated.

I think your wrong in not updating the UEFI firmware. I can’t express enough how important this is to the AMD platform. But it’s your hardware and your choice. I know how it works and how important these updates are and on my hardware i always update to the latest. The updated AGESA is what controls all the power management of the system. This specific update is to improve system performance.
It is very easy to update the UEFI Firmware (Bios).

Read this warning!



I’ve signed in here to tell, that on my System I do have the same problems as described above.
Severe random stuttering, mostly when switching between programs, for example from a Game or watching a Video back to Desktop. Often, all i can do is hitting the reset Button
My System:
Asus prime x570p, Ryzen 5800x3d, RX6800
Bios etc. is up to Date

maybe it’s connected with AMD P-State EPP Default 6.5 Kernel changes?

So I think you are wrong.
The problem with 1,3V for CPU was fixed in 1414 and 1616 Uefi versions.
I use 1636. So it’s not dangerous to use it. You say I should use the last version (1656), otherwise I could harm my system. But this means, if someday came another update after 1656, it will still be dangerous to use 1656 because this isnt the latest one then.

The problem itself was a software problem because after went back with timeshift and updated again the bug has gone.

The latest Bios version according to the website for this motherboard is 1654. All i said is that it has an new AMD AGESA which is very important for Ryzen.

I only showed you the information from the website with respect to voltage issue. I never stated that you should use the latest or would harm your system. I only provide you with information. I do believe that updating the UEFI Bios is an important part of maintaining your system to give the best performance and stability. I never said it was going to fix your issue but that’s always a possibility. I always start with the hardware because I’m a hardware person. It’s the most important part of the system.

Yes I understand your motivation and I appreciate that and I am thankful for yours and all others replys. But the 1,3V issue is fixed before. System is now running and I am happy so far. If I update the Uefi I have to clear cmos and set the settings there again. I fear of something goes wrong, cause now it it running good.
On the other hand I am NOT a specialist about AGESA and I am not sure if updating is REALLY nessecary. I usually not frivolously make decisions if I can’t assess the pros and cons about it.

So, what is your opinion? Do you REALLY REALLY think I should do it? (the 1,3V issue is fixed allready)

Yes updating is (theoretical) easy. Uefi file to usb-stick, system shutdown, usb-stick insert in usb port, push uefi update button etc … I have done that two times before. Atm system is running very well.

It’s not totally necessary and is up to you as it is your hardware. I’m just so used to doing it myself. I have had 14 updates on my two boards currently here. One is an Intel board and the other is ryzen. It’s probably coming to the end though for this hardware as newer hardware is out. Usually updates start to drop off for Bios updates around 2 years or so. Then there may be none anymore or maybe an odd one.

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