Update problemspgp "key xxxxxxx couyld not be looked up remotely

Hi all
Last update on Endeavor 5.15.35-1 Plasma and desktop system, failed .
pacman -Syyu grabs the packages but asks to import a key for Maxime Gauduin. I say yes and pacman then checks package integrity. Next message is “libinih key xxx is unknown import?” I say yes and get the key could not be looked up remotely and that libinih is either corrupt or invalid. Also receive the same message for firewalld. The update terminates with invalid or corrupt package no packages updated… Whats the solution here? Change keyservers or is something actually corrupt?


use the following command bevor you update.

sudo pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring

More info about this from the pinned post:


pycrk & Scotty_Trees
Kind thanks to both of you for the interest and providing information. Worked like a charm!


Just a side note: passing a second y is not necessary unless there has been a change to to the mirrorlist. Only pacman -Syu will do. Or if you want to update your AUR packages as well (if you have some), then just: yay

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