Update messed up Bluetooth

Just updated minutes ago, now Bluetooth is ‘strange’.

  1. I now have two Bluetooth icons in my Cinnamon status applet. One is for Blue-man applet the other I don’t recognize and has no info.
  2. My headset connects and functions as usual. When I power off the headset I don’t get a disconnected message. When I power the headset back on, nothing happens. No connection. I need to use Blue-man applet to ‘turn Bluetooth off, then turn Bluetooth on’ then the headset will connect at power-on only one time.

How did updating do this?

some people here might be more helpful than me, just to welcome you on the forums and to ask if you took a look here ?
Cheers !

Thanks for your reply.

I find that I have two Bluetooth entries in the Preferences menu. I’m pretty sure one is new since the upgrade but I find no mention of Bluetooth in the log. I’ll keep looking.


I’m using Cinnamon because I was never able to get xfce Screensaver or Power Manger to quit blanking my screen.

How did you manage to get a screenshot of your menu? U smarter than me!

sorry, very late to answer

it’s th app that comes with xfce https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/xfce4-screenshooter/ which allow to take only a portion of your screen that you draw

but I assume there is many more