Update failed

Good evening, when I do the automatic update once the updates have been done, this message appears at the end of the update

It looks like the update succeeded. Press INVIO to close the window, nothing more to do.

please use the code tag </> button to publish your code, so it can at least be translated(copy paste to translater or with plugin like mate translate), as an image it becomes difficult to translate.

if set the LANG=C in front of your terminal command, then the output is in english.
LANG=C sudo pacman -Syu

Basically it says Checking AUR for updates… Packages not in AUR js78 libsidplay
there is nothing to do
Press ENTER to close this window

You can probably remove those two packages.

They dropped from the repos.

How do I remove that package that appears every time I upgrade thanks

sudo pacman -R js78 libsidplay

Thank you

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as a non-related question, the -R always seems like a safe bet…
…but I’m a digital neat freak and not a real life neat freak as there are crumbs on my keyboard and lager cans in the sink (just two)…
why not -Rs or -Rns?
If I brought it all in, then if I dislike that app, why can’t I pack it all out? The reverse deps won’t be affected.
The linux notion of removing the package and leaving the debris has always bothered me, but I’d rather have this than immutable right now.
I’ve wandered off-topic, I am sorry. Why is -R preferable for OP, I am asking.

-Rs is a little too aggressive and will remove optional dependencies of other packages so, personally, I never use it. I would rather occasionally clean up the orphans and not have things removed that I still need/use.

-Rn stops .pacsave files from being created for files in the backup array. In most cases, this does nothing since most packages don’t have any files in the backup array. In the rare cases it would save a file, I would rather have it do so since it is an important config file that I have modified. Again, it is trivially easy to clean those files up if I ever desire to. In the OP’s case, I doubt this option would do anything.

way cool. I need to know this stuff. I would rather gut the orphan stuff manually too. the n I had no idea about the save files.
this is probably all in man pacman and I’m being lazy, so thanks for your patience at my deviation here.

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