Update AUR - conflict and I don't get to choose

When I try to update AUR I get the above.

As you can see I get the question if I want to replace nodejs with nodejs-hydrogen-lts package but I get no chance to answer anything. It goes to prompt and I see the last few lines then.

I tried manually removing nodejs but it has a lot of dependencies and before I uninstall all dependencies I want to see that I should. The annoyance of having to install them again if I’m not supposed to do that is… Well, an annoyance I’d rather avoid.

Any suggestions here?

The package is called nodejs-lts-hydrogen and is in the official repos, not in the AUR. Just install that using pacman. It will replace nodejs.


I spot electron25 among packages from the AUR to be updated.
Several users have been having issues with doing so.
Have a look at the top 5 search results here:



Please post terminal output as text and not as screenshot. It makes it easier for others to copy, quote and comment on not having to take a screenshot.

Just copy the text, paste and press Ctrl-E to format.


This solved the issue but it seems awfully silly to downgrade from node 21 to node 18. :clown_face:

Luckily I don’t use node for anything really (apart for as a dependency).
Guess someone screwed something up. Seems to have to do with electron25 as mentioned by pebcak.

Fair enough. I’ll keep that in mind for next time. :slight_smile:

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If you don’t need that electron25 crap, you can always remove all of that and just install node with pacman.

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