University of Minnesota researchers attempts to add vulnerability patches to the Linux Kernel. Get caught and officially banned from future patches

Despite all the chest pounding, this is the only revert I’ve found so far. It was submitted by the “researcher” himself - (in what should be 5.12.0 or 5.12-rc9)

The other 189+ suspect commits were to be reviewed by GKH and interns - maybe there have been some behind the scenes negotiations…

Jesus :rofl:

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I really don’t think that this is going to significantly devalue a UMN degree or that people should transfer schools over it…


I don’t imagine the university will be particularly happy with the individuals that got them blacklisted.

Clearly an it degree would not be highly sought after from this school

oh lol, like people give a rat’s posterior about some feud the university has with Linux. a huge part of the industry has never seen a linux operated machine in their life, they would definitely give no importance to this story.

so a few guys at the university are not allowed to contribute to the linux kernel any longer. who cares, beside those guys (which i bet you can count on one hand). oh man.


Universities care a lot about bad press. We have a lot of information governance policies that have nothing to do with data security and everything to do with avoiding the embarrassment caused by someone saying that have some of their data. Even if the data is impossible to access.

If anything, this will make the UNM degree more valuable if Micro$oft is hiring :rofl:

M$ HR department: “Why should M$ hire you?”
UNM graduate: “Me and my colleagues at the UNM submitted vulnerability patches to the Linux kernel…”
M$ HR: “Say no more, you’re hired!”


Me uses Linux kernel. We all think they do. If not now then likely soon.


Linux 5.13 Reverts + Fixes The Problematic University of Minnesota Patches