Creates this thread so we can talk about ungoogled-chromium.

I started playing a bit with ungoogled-chromium a few weeks ago. Think it’s okay!

For those of you who do not know, it is a stripped Chromium on most things from Google so it works a little differently than the usual Chromium. For example, extension is a little harder to install, but everything goes!

Here are some good to have links to ungoogled-chromium:



I have tested ungoogled-chromium and it is silent and does not call home to anyone like many other browsers.

Fill up with your experience on ungoogled-chromium!


Just a heads up, Google will soon be allowing use of their private API’s only on proprietary Chrome. Won’t matter for privacy oriented users, but will most likely cause problems for regular internet consumers.


The Chaotic AUR for it is back up. A lot quicker then building it. A LOT QUICKER :joy:


What will it mean for ungoogled-chromium?

Is there something that’s going to stop working?


I thought there was no -bin file for it.

1 chaotic-aur/ungoogled-chromium 88.0.4324.104-2 (83.4 MiB 210.9 MiB) (Installed)
    A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency

I’ve only got that…

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Nothing. ungoogled-chromium removes all that stuff anyway.



I have the flatpak and it works quite well.

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I didn’t get AppImage to work on Ubuntu 20.04.1. When I tested. It started, but nothing more. I haven’t tested it on EOS or Arch.

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But if i blast off with Endeavour i might need to call home? It’s a vast universe … i can get lost easily! :wink: I hope it allows to connect to this forum? :laughing:

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Well, that is the thing we were withholding from you. From March this forum will be only accessible with Google Chrome or through Facebook… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG NO!!! I can’t do it! Firefox is my go to. :thinking:

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Google chrome is going to be our default, sorry…
Okay, enough fooling around. My apologies for the off-topic moment.


Works as intended on archies

With and without systemd

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