Undervolting tools

Hey guys, has anyone found a decent undervolting tool for Linux? What was it and did it work?

I’m looking to uptimizing my rig and getting the temps lower and fans a bit quieter under load would be awesome.

Undervolting CPU or GPU ?
Please, could you be more specific about your components and setup?

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Either or both. I have a 8700k and a GTX1070.

Thermald will keep system cool also.

Read here at the second part of the tutorial:


Is this for laptops only? My idle temps are way below 40 C and load temps under usually under 70, maxing out at 80 C. Does Thermald undervolt automatically, or how does it work?


It uses different methods to keep temperature low.

Hey guys,
I know it’s a old thread, but it comes up as 1st hit after typing in ‘undervolt’.

So wanted to update a bit, found this awesome tool called ‘CoreCtrl’, which lets control all the power, clock, and cooling related things on CPU’s and AMD GPU’s.

p.s. the link to the power saving tutorial not working anymore.

There is intel-undervolt, however I am not sure if it works anymore

I used https://github.com/erpalma/throttled in the past, but only on laptops. Would recommend.

No idea if it works on a desktop PC, there I optimize the fan layout and hand tune fancontrol for cool and quiet operation.

Tried it on a Intel i7-4790 out of curiosity the last few days. Works fine, no issues so far.

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Good to know!