Understanding dracut - need to regenerate config

So, I don’t have any Nvidia stuff in my system (not entirely true, there is a Mellanox Ethernet crard, but no GPU). Hence I must get rid of the following error:

kernel: ucsi_ccg 0-0008: failed to get FW build information

I used DDG for a quick search and found this - I blacklisted the module, but the error still comes up in my journal. My guess would be because I didn’t regenerate my initramfs files via mkinitcpio - due to having dracut, not mkinitcpio.
So I have to do the same with dracut. A little more abuse of DuckDuckGo gave me this:

dracut --regenerate-all

Is this safe to perform? Will it solve my issue with the allredy blacklisted but still shown ucsi_ccg error?



I always forget discover… ty!

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