Unable to view extensions settings in the latest update

Hey guys, I just did a fresh install of Endeavour OS Gnome DE. For some reason when I try to view the extensions settings in the app, i’m getting the following error when I try to view settings for extensions such as Tiling-assistant or Search Light ? Any ideas?

The settings of extension search-light@icedman.github.com had an error:

TypeError: headerbar.pack_start is not a function

Stack trace:


Thanks in advance.

Hey @momo ,
These extensions are not supported at the moment. Read some briefings here in the forum about the coming Gnome 45 and why arch waits for the xxx.1 version and these extensions will be compliant to the new standard.
And the ETA is unknown.

This is the downside of this bleeding-edge.
The Gnome version of Debian 12 is 43.6 and Search Light works on it.
Or search for ‘Spotlight alternatives on linux’.
Some like Albert or Gnome-do may pretend to work if you log in in Xorg mode.

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Works here on gnome 44.5 Fedora. As mentioned above, it may be the 45 changeover which will see a needed rebuild of all extensions.

Got it, thank you!